About CVD apparatus operating under atmosphere丒丒丒


I need a sample film before I purchase the CVD apparatus.

丂仺Yes, we can synthesize a test piece before your purchase. (study on consignment)


    I need to know the feature of the CVD sample.

  Yes, we can evaluate the sample feature. (study on consignment)

    I have a plan to purchase the CVD equipment.  But I need consulting.

Yes, we can give you the advice to use. (study on consignment)

    I would like to purchase the CVD apparartus.

Yes, we can advice for you.

    I would like to know current issue of the CVD.
Yes, we welcome you to join a member of
the CVD conference.

How can I join the CVD conference?
Yes, contact us,
 hts@nagaokaut.ac.jp (English), Prof. Saitoh

berndieu@stn.nagaokaut.ac.jp (French), Dr. Eppasaka

najafov@chem.nagaokaut.ac.jp (Russian), Dr. Najafov

    How I can do using the CVD apparatus

operating under atmosphere?
丂仺丂You can synthesize insulating film, phosphor film, ceramic field emitter, photo-catalysis, anti-plasma attack coating, anti-chemical attack film etc. Contact to international staff of our laboratory now!  This is our worldwide strategy on our CVD techniques.