Victim plays the leading role.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1@Introduction
 Chapter 2  The chain of survival
 Chapter 3  Training program
 Chapter 4-1   Main points of exercise instruction
 Chapter 4-2   (cont.)

 Chapter 5   Examples of water accidents





What is uitemate? Uitemate is an important motto to survive from sudden water accident.   When he / she meets with water accident, they are required keeping his / her airway-open by floating back position (uite) and waiting for rescuer coming to you (mate).  Uitemate changes our impression for water accident.  The victim plays the leading role, not rescuer.

What is chakuiei?  Chakuiei is an effective and attractive survival technique from sudden water accidents such as fall into water at water front activity, flood, tsunami.  As these events, you may be fully clothed and not prepare to swim.  When you are into water suddenly, you fully clothed can float on the water surface (chakui) and keep your airway-open (ei) by the chakuiei technique. 



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